DJ SIGNIFY - Mixed Messages

This record sticks to the rules of turntablism: extracts from speeches, lots of diversity in the selection, strange sounds pieced together, killing breaks, scratches everywhere… You have to look for this record's originality in a voice (Ginsberg ?) who talks about the Beat generation (interesting parallel), a loop made from a Bjorkan voice, or the integration of "world music", as they say.

DJ SIGNIFY - Mixed Messages

Four Ways to Rock :: 2000 :: buy this record

Evertyhing is perfectly strung together, and before you know it you find yourself dancing on Peruvian music. You recognize the bass lines and hit your head on the walls to get a better connection. After the break of "Root Down" you discover a more distressing atmosphere. And then the album ends with a pop folk moment. There's two guests on this record: Mr Dibbs and DJ Shiro.

Translated by SKG

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