OMEGA ONE - Behind the Counter Beats

The New York DJ (see Labor Days) offers us a selection of funky soul song seamlessly chained together (and it sounds a lot less bland than a simple re-edition) with little or no scratch. No big standards here, even if some of the songs have already been compiled.

2001 :: buy this record

The hiphop fan will easily notice fragments sampled recently for songs by Black Rob, Beatnuts, Blackalicious, Beastie Boys, Can Ox, Eric B and Rakim, Wu Tang… If you're looking for burnt out samples to build next summer's hot song, you can pick something here. You'll also remember the bitch you fucked on 'A few Kisses to Go' by Ike Hayes, your night brightened by Gil Scott-Heron. And what about Al Green, Marlena Shaw… O One got soul !

Translated by SKG

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