Blueprint & Dibbs : Slug !

Slug : I don’t talk to French boys.

Mr. Dibbs : Ok, so I’ll tell you, "Primer" is based on my life.

Slug : Hey, get the mic over him, fuck hum ! Primer is about that girl I used to sleep with.

Dibbs : (My sister)

Slug : And her boyfriend.

Dibbs : (My brother). They filmed the Gumball, based on Ohio.

Does Lucy Ford exist ?

S : Yeah.

Lucy Ford or Lucifer ?

S : Both.

So, after Lucy Ford, God Loves Ugly ?

S : Alcohol and Women.

God Loves Ugly, Lucifer, Alcohol and Women ?

S : Yeah.

That makes sense… then if God Loves Ugly, why ?

S : Because God loves everybody, even you.

That’s very nice from him…

S : Yeah, God loves Dibbs, Look at Dibbs, he’s an ugly f*cker, look at him ! If you watch him close enough, he stares at that thing on his nose, and he goes crosseyes. So you from France ? French people are way smarter than we are…But they got a terrible sense of humour.

We can’t have everything…

S : You know, they invented that shit that people do now, building jumping…That Matrix sh*t ! You guys are fresh man, what is that called ?

I don’t think it has a name actually, just call it "building jumping"… Hey, Girls like Slug !

S : My voice is gone

B : Did you say "Girls Like Slug" ?

S : yeah, kinda, chicks dig it…

Do you think that girls like Slug because he sticks his face on the album covers, or did Slug put his face on album covers so that girls could like him ?

(Blueprint & Dibbs laugh)

S : I just started doing that, only for the latest album…

You also did it on Felt…

S : Yeah, this is the first year I ever did that…

Dibbs points at his chin.

D : THIS is why girls love Slug, the "Soul Patch".

S : The "Flavour Saver".

D : That doesn’t taste good does it ?

S : Tastes like a booger.

Dibbs, do you have any project with the 1200 Hobos ?

D : No, I kicked everybody out. F*ck them all, except maybe ten of them. There’s about 10 hobos left, and that’s it.

Points at Slug : he’s a hobo…

In fact, technically, he’s pretty much the only emcee left in the hobos, I kicked everybody else, the other emcees left are deejays, like Buck and Sixtoo, so I count them as deejays. Everybody else, what I call the Faggottee ones, they’re all gone.

B : Who are the faggottees ?

D : I’m saving that for the album; when my album comes out, I’ll be dumping out on everybody. I had to say something.

B : What’s the name of the album ?

S : it’s called Anticon sucks.

D : More like "Anticon eat cock"… except Jel and Alias.

(Blueprint laughs)

Jel was on Lucy Ford innit ? What has happened to him ?

S : Jel is in San Fransisco.

Why isn’t he on God Loves Ugly

S : Because Ant is my real producer, Jel just did a couple of songs in return for weed that I sold him.

And why isn’t Ant on the "God Loves Ugly Tour" ?

S : Because my Dj’s name is Premier and I’m the guru.

D : For Jel, he has 3 letters, just like "God" and that sums up all of it.

S : Brothers are confused about other brother’s raps, but the things ain’t no best than when the gun is capped…

Booya !

Take two and pass, so the blunt will last…

P-P-P-P-P-Premier !

Blueprint : you know my steez…

What about Spawn ?

S : Spawn ? He’s back in groceries or something, I don’t know where he is. He left the group in 1997… I hope he’s got a job and a family…

D : Blueprint is actually Spawn.

B : I’m a stunt double, I changed my name in 1997, and Atmosphere was re-invented.

S : This is what you get where you interview people who haven’t been drinking yet…

I haven’t drunk either, I don’t drink…

S : Me neither !

D : Me neither !

Do you smoke the pot ?


D : Me neither.

S : Good, because I would tell your f*ckin boss.

D : All the others are lying, but I’m the only one who doesn’t do any drugs.

Are you straight edge ?

D : No, I do smoke cigarettes… Are you ?


Dibbs applauses

S : Dibbs likes painkillers.

D : He’s straight edge, and I gotta respect that. See ? French straight edge, I didn’t know they had straight edge there…

S : Yeah I’m straight edge too (Puffs on his cigarette)

D : Cigarettes are not straight edge.

S : Yes they are.

D : No they’re not.

Slug, what are you plans for the future with Seven or Deep Puddle Dynamics ?

S : Nothing. If they want to do another record they’ll do it without me.

The first was damn good though…

S : No. Not really. I still would make a song with Alias, but not a whole project… I’ve got a new rule, that I will do only songs with friends.

You’ve got a friend here tonight then, how did you come up with the Felt project ? Did you hook up when you were working on Almost Famous ?

S : Oh no, I met those guys a long time ago, when I met them we didn’t do anything together, we just met and became friends, and me and Murs became the best friends there are because we’ve got the same social anxieties disorders, but we just me the album because we were both pissed off at our girlfriends, and both of us want to f*ck Christina Ricci… So, hey, let’s rap !

Slug lights his lighter and puts it on my microphone…

S : Sh*t is hot son !

I’mma drop it like it’s hot…

S : Yo Yo Cop dat Mic

He starts beatboxing one beat. And stops.

Ok, so no more collabos…

S : No more collabos with people I don’t know.

That makes sense.

S : Yeah. You keep saying "That makes sense" as if you were not expecting me to make any sense…

True. I don’t expect a sense, but now that you say it, it makes sense.

S : Yeah !

So what are your forthcoming plans with Atmosphere ?

S : Do you have a sister ?


S : See, the thing about atmosphere, is that on the record, it’s always me and Ant, but for live shows, you never really know what you’re gonna get, because, you know people don’t generally have the tolerance to deal with me for that long, and so, this time Blueprint’s here, but by the end of the tour, he’s gonna hate my f*ckin guts, and next time I’ll have to get somebody else… Dibbs will always go with me, because he owes me big time, I saved his life…

Really ? On what occasion ?

S : About a year and a half ago, we were out hunting together, and a f*ckin big bear came after his tent, because he had opened a jar of peanut butter in the tent, and that attracts bears. I was chilling in a tree, just watching deer, and I saw the bear coming after the tent, and I first I thought it was his girl, and it wasn’t his girl, because I could hear the growl coming from the bear’s mouth, instead of the bear’s stomach, so that’s when I decided it was a bear, and so I jumped down and scared it away with Lex’s log cock (NDG : ?) and so, Dibbs came to me and gave me a big hug, and told me that he would be my deejay forever. And ever. Amen. Just like the song by Travis Treat.

Do you feel lucky that you have him as a deejay ?

S : low key ? Yeah I’m very low key…

Everybody laughs.

S : Yeah, I feel lucky that I have Dibbs as a deejay/bodyguard, plus he gets the hookers after the show, and then you know, we do things to them, and then he kills them. Have you ever killed a hooker ?

Yes. That’s why I’m here, I’m currently escaping the French police…

S : That’s good… The French police don’t carry guns ?

Actually they do…

S : oh…

B : that’s in Japan…

S : Oh… They didn’t use to carry guns… You guys are getting all Americanised…

Yeah, to the point that we listen to American hip-hop too… Crazy…

S : You have to ask Blueprint some questions now…

Ok… Hi Blueprint ! I interviewed Vast Aire a few months ago, and he told me you will be producing a few tracks on his solo…

B : At one time, we were talking about me doing half of his solo record, but I did two songs, and there’s another two we were supposed to do and never get done… But I think he will do it with a bunch of different people… But I probably won’t have enough time to do half of it… I would like to do a whole album with him, he’s my friend, I’d like to do a whole record with all my favourite rappers…

I have the feeling that you’re more busy with production than with emceeing…

B : Not now… A year ago, yeah, but I haven’t made beats in a month… Before I started the Soul Position record with RJ, it was all beats, but then I started rhyming a little, and right now I’m only rhyming, production is in the background… And plus you can’t do beats while you’re on the road…

Do you feel lucky to tour with Slug as a fellow emcee … ?

B : I’m lucky actually everywhere… I’m lucky I’m here today, I’m lucky I’m with Dibbs Baldhead, I’m lucky Slug asked me to be on his tour, I’m very fortunate because he looks out for me, and he’s like… it’s hard to write down… but he looks out for everybody, especially me, I’m happy to be here. He’s good people, even if he cracks jokes sometimes…

What are your projects for the future ?

B : Soul Position, me and RJD2, in January, another Greenhouse Effect Album, an Instrumental Record, that’s it for right now… That’s for the first half of 2003.

Slug points at Deetalx, and says : You gotta interview DJ Bird right now.

We have Deetalx with us right now, so you feel close to Oddjobs ?

B : I’ve only met Crescent Moon on a couple of occasions, I can’t say I feel close to Oddjobs, I don’t know anybody else in the crew, I met Adviser once or twice, they’re all cool guys, but I can’t say I ever had time to hand out them, not like I’ve been sleeping on his couch for a week or been in a van with them for two and a half months, they can’t compare… That’s how I measure my friends, if I’ve spent two and a half months in a van with you, then you’re my friend…Otherwise f*ck you.

Do you consider tours as your best opportunity to establish relationships ?

B : Hell yeah, just, playing in front of all these people every night, it’s incredible exposure…

So, would you like to continue this tour to France and Europe ?

B : I’d go wherever… I’d go to f*ckin Saturn, if they like hip-hop on Saturn, then I’ll go there. Parlez vous français ? That’s all I know from France…

That’s a good beginning…

B : Merci Beaucoup !

See… Thank you Blueprint.

D : I’ve got diarrhoea.

Do you ?

D: Yeah, that happened last night, and today I came to the hotel, I had to take a shit, and I had diarrhoea, and I stood up to see, and damn there was shit all over the tub, seriously, all over the floor, shit all over the tub, the toilet, the floor, that’s what took us so long, I had to clean up my mess, I drank a bottle of Peptobismol. I feel better now, and now I’m hear.

Do you feel lucky that you’ve had diarrhoea ?

D : I knew I would have diarrhoea at some point, and I got all the way to Arizona. Arizona is a good place to have diarrhoea I guess, as good as any.

I’ve listened to Turntable Scientifics, and Random vol. 1 and my conclusion is "wow", what’s yours ?

D : My conclusion is that most deejays are f*ckin p*ssies. They have no f*ckin balls, no heart and no creativity. They regurgitate the same stupid as scratch and the same samples and the same old shit over and over again. Anyway, you might be able to scratch better than me, but can you whoop my ass ? Finito. Merci Beaucoup.

You gotta listen to Random vol. 2, because I got my friend John, who is French, and he does this interlude, about what I did to his wife, and you’ll be the only one who knows what the hell this is…

Probably some more French people will buy it, and will know…

D : Awesome, it’s awesome !

What music do you like ?

D : I don’t like one type of music, I like any type of music that is drum driven. Anything with heavy drums, lots of drums, lots of percussions so it can be anything, f*cking hardcore, country, rock, hip-hop, punk, jazz, anything that drums drive the whole song.

And what music do you deejay then ?

D : I consider myself a compositionist. I compose, everybody scratch on records, I f*ckin compose music. They’re pussies.

Do you follow what they do, like at the DMC championships ?

D : No, I was on tour… Who won ?


D : Who is he ?

A Japanese guy, the first Asian turntablist to win the DMCs…

D : Yeah, well I guess he’s dope then… I watch videos, I like battles you know, but that shit is not for me… I did that ten or fifteen years ago… But you know you can battle but at some point you become… you just box yourself into battles, you can’t make music… You know why ? Because you’re a pussy. With no Creativity. Most deejays suck ass.

Finito ?

D : merci beaucoup.

Isn’t MC Solaar from France ? That was way back though… I don’t know much about France, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been there…

Would you like to go there ?

D : Yeah, I’d like to go to France, I’m sure it would be a good time… You guys got some kind of exotic food in France I would like ? What kind of women do you have in France ?

S : Women in France are dope, they enjoy anal sex.

D : Is that true ?

I’m afraid I can’t answer this…

D : I like women, I would like French women then ?

Yeah, sure…

D : I’m interested in meeting French women when I get there… I want to make bad things with French women, that’s what I have to say to you…

Apart from French women, are you interested in playing with foreign artists ?

D : Yeah, I’m interested in everything…

Are you really straight edge ?


D : Awesome… All my friends back in Cincinnati are straight edge, I’m the only one who’s not… I’m working on it though… All I got is cigarettes… That’s my only vice… That and sex…

S : You’re a dick !


S : Dibbs, not you… You’re a good guy, I’ll kill you last.

He spits his cough-drop at Dibbs, who angrily picks it up, rubs it on his sleeve and puts it in his mouth.

S : You’re chewing it up dude !

Dibbs and the candy back.

S : I don’t want it chewed up…

D : That’s Blueprint’s thuggized Cough-Drop; real hardcore. Most of the stuff that I heard from France was too passive… I’ve got a compilation called Le Flow and I know who MC Solaar is, and I heard one guy who sounded cool, he did a song with RZA that was pretty cool too… I’m trying to think of his name…

Blueprint, do you have anything to do with French people ?

B : I’d definitely want to know more, I know you, but I never heard you rap… If I heard someone I feel, I don’t really care where people are from… Hey, I have a question, since French women invented the French kiss, do French girls kiss better than American women ?

I’m afraid I can’t answer this either…

B : Man, what are you waiting for ?

Well… them…

B : We’ll see if we can help you out tonight… I’ll have to go to France, and I will let you know about this… Yeah, maybe write it somewhere…

Yeah I’ll put it in a rhyme so that you know, and I’ll make it official…

B : What about French fries ? Can you do better French Fries ?

It’s different…

Murs has arrived and takes the mic : yeah, but niggaz on tour won’t help you with your bags, fool !

Thanks to Dee-Jay Bird, Teal, Mark (Access Music), and the artists...