How was your trip to Germany?

Dose One : Wunderbar.

Why? : it was was ok.

D : it was, it was faboulous. They have huge pillows.

W : have you noticed that in Germany? They have those huge pillows. They stole all my stuff, they took my American flag and my tambourine.

How was the public's response?

W : they enjoyed it.

D : we had 120 people, not bad.

W : it was definitely a good show.

D : it really was Wunderbar.

Let's talk music. You're here for a huge Mush promo tour.

D : it's huge, we'll have people here lining up in the water (The Batofar is a boat on the Seine). You think there'll be enough people? When I came last year it felt like somebody's other show though.

How did you plan everything for the show?

W : this is our first real tour. We started in America 2 months ago. We have 4 different groups.

D : radio goes first, then Me and Brian (Boom Bip), then Reaching Quiet, which is all these girls, and cLOUDDEAD. There are many live interpretations of the record.

W : we made live versions of the cLOUDDEAD record.

D : it's transitional.

W : none of these sets are improvised, but we play the samples live, so it's not all sequenced, and we have a live drummer.

O : actually we have trouble staying onbeat.

D : we're are always wondering what hats we're gonna wear.

W : we have a lot of hat boxes in the van.

O : he has a hat for every mood he's in (speaking of Why).

D : right now he's feeling kind of blue, lavender.

How has it been music wise since you (Dose) came last year?

D : Big Dada signed us to a 40 record deal, with 12 records coming out tomorrow, and there's a huge listening parade being organized, we're touring Africa. But seriously, the new album (cLOUDDEAD) is 40 to 60% done, we're hoping to release it by next fall. It'll be released 10" by 10". Still on Mush, still on Big dada. The themselves record is done, we'll be back in November with Jeff (Jel) and Alias too. You can call him Jerry.

There seems to be a lot of private jokes in this interview, or is it just me?

W : there are a lot, I don't get them either. I make them, but I don't understand them.

D : they're just there. Instead of an awkward silence, we make up our own private jokes.

You heard of any French scene?

W : I heard the TTC album that's all.

D : Gainsbourg and MC Solaar.

O : who else is from France?

D : Slick Rick is from France.

W : no he's not, he faked it.

What about Anticon?

W : Anticon is our crew, it's down to 9 of us now.

D : plus the extended fam.

O : we all live in a 3 mile radius from each other. We all try to focus on the individual side inside of Anticon, everyone's putting out their solo project.

D : there's also the new Boom Bip LP coming out, with Rich (Buck 65) and another track with me on it, I swear it's really me.

W : Buck sounds like Tom Waits on that track.

Talkin to Dose: you've been putting out less and less records, is it because you're focusing on one particular point in your carreer?

D : it was random experiments in creativity everywhere, now it's kinda got its pockets.

And what do you think of all your old records being re released ?

D : I think Hemispheres is the best thing I've ever done, my quintessential masterpiece as an artist. But seriously, it's all growing pains, there's your learning curve. Now I feel good with what I do, I found myself.

How did all of you guys meet each other?

O : well I knew his (Why's) older brother from school, and they had that band with Mr Dibbs, and one day I gave them a tape, they finally listened to it, they invited me one time to work on some Greenthink stuff, that's how I met everybody. That was right when they recorded Deep Puddle, so Anticon didn't actually exist. I met some of them at Scribble Jam. And now we're here.

D : the Batofar. I love this place. It's really smokey though. I got in by doing this 4 day piece on general mutilation. Otherwise, I met Sole through music, just like all the other guys.

W : same thing for me, you know, whatever. Started making music with these guys.

Would you say that Greenthink was your first project that started defining you as an artist?

D : yeah, Greenthink was the beginning, and Hemispheres was the spark.

W : house music my man, the music of the future.

Sorry, it was short. We had to leave and prepare for a second interview with Radioinactive... (coming soon)