CONTROLLER 7 - Left Handed Straw

This record is probably the most diverse amon the DJ albums published by Anticon. At the same time a collection of beats and a selection, this album walks us through different feelings: the sadness of "Love", who was used on Sole's "Nevertheless", the worrying of "Morality" with Dose, the mindlessness of "Test 3", the triumph of "The World outside my Door", etc.

CONTROLLER 7 - Left Handed Straw

6 Months :: 2001 :: buy this record

These contrasts and succesions, rather than the beats (who are often not very reworken) give this record its interest. The album won't be as appreciated if you listen to it piece by piece, because simple and more complex fragments are pieced together: everything gets (or looses) its meaning when listened to in its totality.

Controller 7 is the guy who links all other Anticon artists together (as the packaging shows). A few songs could've been avoided: the easy-listening versions of 'The Candle' and 'Rain Men'… and Brel, well…

Translated by SKG

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