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For reasons you don't necessarily understand, some objects remain attached to a certain period of your life. And for reasons you don't necessarily understand, you brought that blue tape in every train you took last year; it's like your headphones knows the tape by heart. Maybe it's the cover, which looks like it's handcut, or maybe the relative weakness of the recording, but there's something of a lost simplicity in EVS's Shades of Grey.

EVS - Therapy... ?

Halfway House Recordings :: 2000 / 2002

Something that gives you the illusion that you could have created all those songs, like promises of sentences to say or of songs to hum. Or maybe it's because EVS lays often introspective texts and evokes different sentimental landscapes... The kind of thrill you only felt while listening to Gil Scott-Heron and Minnie Riperton.

Now, it seems like last year is to years ago and you're listening to Odds and Ends (a very limited edition), and Therapy...?, new stuff written and elaborated by that cat from San Diego. The formula didn't change much: a lo-fi perspective, silky samples, an all over too perfect harmony that is counter-balanced by a mechanical, quiet but warm delivery. Very few guests (you'll find Humdrum, another member of Subdivision). A few samples ("Bullshit" and "Slacker") come close to things you've heard before (Micranots' "Culture" and Moka Only's "Worth the wait"). The dialogues taken from the movies (you'll probably recognize Pulp Fiction) are used in a quite clever way. And then, the secret charm of a forgotten voice...

Therapy...? is an instrumental cassette that smells good like crumpled magnetic tape. With lots of harmonious samples. The soundtrack for a movie that could be yours. Now, you can start the dialogue.

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