JAYSONIC - Apple Pie

Jaysonic’s Apple Pie 7 inches is a strange object : a green piece of vinyl and the cover is the torn picture of a couple with a divorce document in the background. Two tracks with all beats and rhymes provided by Jaysonic himself.

JAYSONIC - Apple Pie

Irish Car Bomb Music :: 2001 :: buy this record

Side B offers a tale called "The obituary of Hugo D. Naranja", the story of a dope hustler which sure would be flat if it wasn’t for its anti-climactic ending. Jays here plays with the hip-hop cliché of drug dealer chronicle and provides a smart and quiet short story about… Yeah, real life as lived by real people in a real world.

Still side A is a lot more interesting/entertaining. Jays captures american broken dreams over a bluesy atmosphere. Very simple words, an organ sample and the drums sound live. Delivery is weak but who cares ?

Jaysonic’s name appears on Sage Francis’s Sick of Waiting Tables and Time Machine’s A million and One Things to Do. He also has his full length CD : Hot Air.

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