THE YUKONN - Interview

In the third installment of our Record Company Records interview serie, we parlay with C.T.O aka The Yukonn MC, a wild rapper known to piss off the other RCR heads by booking all the available studio time at the Hollywood Jackson Mansion in Roxbury.

Introduce yourself and tell us funny stuff like why you call yourself "the yukonn", "the grizzly" or whichever animal name you claim...

I'm the Yukonn.....plain and simple. It's a weird story on why I picked the Yu as my name, but I did it for me. My friends call me C.T.O. which has its own story as well, but we don't need to get into either one of those. And animal names?? You a funny guy huh....what, did Jeep Jackson tell you to say that? I'm into bears and big trucks...what can I say? Give me a bigger and better question...come on.

How did you end up messing with Jeep Jack and the RCR fools?

I've known Mr.Jeep for a long time, we used to chill in high school. I even got that kid to go to the same college as me, but somewhere in the mix we had a falling out. A while later we put it all behind us and started getting up together, just making music. We both have (for the most part) the same vision, to make quality music but I'm sure J.J. has his own story though (laughing). So actually it was us before anyone else, then he met Microft and I did shortly after that. Microft wanted to make this label with J.J. (and they did) and the rest is history. Elation, Sam Lover, Unity and G.M.T., Warlok & Yoda and everybody else came later....much respect to all them!

So how is it working with Jeep Jack? This kid seems a little weird...

It's good, it has it's up's and down's noooo doubt. He is weird, but that helps keep him and me on my toes. He also helps me look at things differently, which in turn helps me in the developing process of a song. My writing style has changed alot since we have been together. Sometimes he does go way over board which leads to an arguement or me going "this can't be made" hah aha ha.....Honestly I know a bunch of producers and I enjoy working with him the most, but that's prolly cuz we've been doing it for so long that I'm used to his style.

And how about Microft Holmes, you and him have a group, right?

I guess, but he moved (to New York) so we get less done now. The "group" is called Attic Lectures from the Dungeon. We're the next level of duo rappers (laughing). I think Microft quit rappin too! How about everyone out there go to the website and click on his email address and ask him why he quit rappin....OK? We did make alot of songs though, very classic and from a different era, you can feel it ya know? I've been trying to get him and J.J, to put together a new E.P. with new and old jams on it, but we've all been busy....... so keep waiting OR EMAIL MICROFT@RECORDCOMPANYRECORDS.COM hahaha...

Let`s talk about your stuff. You had a demo type cd called Attack of the Grizzly (ltd edition). It was made available to Boston heads and in France through Waxexpress. Very limited stuff. You`re about to release a more official version of that album with worldwide distribution and the whole package. How different will it be from the OG Grizzly?

It's actually totally different, it has only 3 of the original songs, 2 songs were taken off and every other song was remixed in one way or another. It also has some new cut's on the last song by MisterJason (of Porn Theatre Ushers, Brews Brothers), and all new interludes you name it.It has a different feel to it, like you just got high and found yourself in a funk/rock era. I look at it as the next level of the grizzly. There's been talk of releasing both at the same time, but we'll see.

And there is a 12" before that, right?

Yes, it's called "Sweet Baby" and it's a 3 song single. It features Insight (Scum,Updated Software & True to the Game)on production cuts and lyrics on the 2nd song, which is called "Lethal Weapon" and "The Underrated River" is the b-side (also produced by Jeep Jack). It's an action packed 12" no doubt, 3 totally different songs, one for everyone.

The cover for the 12" has quite a history...

Unfortunately it does and thanks for reminding me. The cover is a picture of my turntables and mixer which where burnt to a crisp in the warehouse fire. It will be hard to miss in your local record shop, that's for sure. As much as it sucks, it does make a great piece of art. I actually have them on my wall at home.

And this is going to be a RCR/Emerge Music release. Can you explain us what exactly is the deal with the RCR/Emerge partnership and how it came through?

Yes it will be a RCR/Emerge release. The partnership came at a great time I guess. I had been just talking to the owner about my music, and he liked it. Next thing you know, we had a real bad fire and lost ALOT of master reels and music as well as product. Emerge started talking with J.J. and Microft and kind of came to a deal. Making a long story short, they bought our catalog and decided to put out my 12" along with re-issueing some older stuff. So look out for a Microft single, my cd's (old & new) D.J. Frank White's mixed tape and cd collection and Hollywood Jackson's mixed cd collection (all 4 volumes).

What the hell is that Grizzly Unplugged CD Jeep Jack always talk about?

Oh god........ It's this experiment we've been working on in our spare time. In a nut shell, it's D.J. Frank White on the wheels of steel(making beats and doin cuts), L-Contra on the keyboards(of the Inquisition fame), Jame's a.k.a. Jimi on bass and sometimes guitar, me and Jeep Jackson on live board mixing(samples etc). It's still being developed, but it's getting there and it sounds good.

What do you listen to these days?

Insight's new album is sick, that and the new Non-Phixion I seem to listen to all the time.... also Edan's new mixed tape/cd is BANGIN!! it's called Fast Rap, it's just so friggin hype....ummm....mostly my friends stuff, Karma (of God Complex) has a 12" comin out, I've been peepin that on and off to keep my head on the ground. I've been busy writing these songs for my Cali associates too, so I've been listening to them as well to get a feel for what their about (the Discreet Merchants).

Where is RCR going?

Into the future for sure!! We're only getting bigger and better, so tell a friend to tell a friend and check out the website

Bonus question 1: I like the song "Perpatration" on the OG Grizzly. I know nobody else does and it won't be on the official release. But anyway, what`s so wrong about wearing Nike sneakers with an Addidas sweater?

Ha! Well if you don't know, ya don't know...... It's kinda like if you dont understand now, you might not ever. Hold on...hey Jeep J, should I tell these guys about the perp. song?................. "He's from far away right, so tell him"........ ok Jeep says tell ya, so the way I was brought up, you either wore one or the other(as far as ya feet) but if you was down with both, you just wore ALL Adidas or ALL Nike...... meaning you wouldn't go out the house wearing mis-matching clothes, you would keep it all matching, all the same colors and shit, ya know? I've been a Adidas head my whole life, I owned 1 pair of Nike's ever in 8th or 9th grade, but I will admitt when you get older and you get into collecting kicks, that shit doesn't matter, but the basic rules STILL do apply........ like not wearing Nike kicks with a Adidas sweater and Fila sweat pants. That's it, no more..... in the amazing words of Flava Flav "I can't do nuthin for ya man" if you dont understand.

Bonus question 2: Did being on the Mr. Lif Front on This front cover help you getting ass?

I don't think so, but I'll go with HELL YEAH!! Honestly more dude's ask me about that, but that's prolly cuz girl's dont really buy 12"s.

P.S. Big boss Sylv One once said "I think the Yukonn calls himself the grizzly cause he is hairy". Well, the Yukonn says "No, I`m not that hairy". Word is bond.

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