TUNSI - Behold a King / The Omen

Underground MC and producer Tunsi has already released two albums on Oakland-based label Parana records (Behold a King and The Omen).

TUNSI - Behold a King

Parana Records :: 1999 :: acheter ce disque

TUNSI - The Omen

Parana Records :: 2002 :: acheter ce disque

Most productions and lyrics are dark and spare and you’ll sure feel that he does what he does with skills and sincerity, as they say, but also with ambition : there are many tracks on his albums and they both CDs lack the density that’ll prevent you from skipping tracks. Not always easy to digest though some tracks clearly stand out. Take for example "Rock Off These" on Behold a King (1999) and on the B-side of the 12 inches by the same name…a good cold-blooded piece that’s also a good introduction to Tunsi’s universe.

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